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Instructions for fitting Quartz Clock Movements

We recommend you read these instructions carefully before fitting your quartz clock movement.

Fitting the Movement

·         Ensure the hole in the centre of the dial has a diameter of 9mm

·         Fit the spindle through the dial (the hanging hook and any packing should be installed now if necessary)

·         Fit the rubber washer, washer and nut and tighten firmly


Adding the hands

·         Remove the plastic protection from the hands

·         Push the hands firmly onto the spindle in the following order - Hour, Minute, Second

·         Check from the side to ensure hands do not overlap. If hands overlap, gently bend into position

·         Set the clock to the correct time using the knob on the rear of the movement

·         Insert a AA battery (we recommend a new Alkaline battery)


Inserting a pendulum 

·         Prior to fitting the movement, gently swing the pendulum arm to the side and insert the quartz movement

·         An additional AA battery is required for the pendulum 


Using self-adhesive numbers

·         A small weight should be applied to the numbers for at least 2 hours


Using chapter rings

·         Araldite or similar glue should be used to fit chapter ring, take care not to use excess glue

·         Remove the plastic protection from the face side of the chapter ring


If you are unsure about any of the steps above please Contact Us

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